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Friendship agonistes

A new book on friendship sets Lionel Shriver pondering the elastic nature of these relationships—sometimes frivolous, they can also inflame the same passions as romance
Lionel Shriver  

Death becomes us

The impulse to invest significance in the bodies of the dead has usually been a religious one. Yet even my atheist father cared about the treatment of his remains, says Sarah Murray
Sarah Murray  

Mind over matter

It’s impossible not to be impressed by Jonathan Israel’s 3,000-page Enlightenment trilogy, but its central argument remains unconvincing
Samuel Moyn  

Department of one

Harold Bloom has little time for his fellow critics and academics, yet his own swan song reveals a resentful and solipsistic mind
Jonathan Bate  


It is a common and dangerous mistake to think that our minds are no more than electrical pulses in our brains
Raymond Tallis  

Recipe for global power

In his latest book, Niall Ferguson identifies the six vital ingredients which have led to western supremacy. Jack Straw argues that he is too pessimistic about our future
Jack Straw  

Wishful thinking

Will Hutton’s analysis of modern finance and the need for fairness is one of the year’s most important arguments. Yet he is a flawed visionary
Anatole Kaletsky