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Tag: History & heritage

Death becomes us

The impulse to invest significance in the bodies of the dead has usually been a religious one. Yet even my atheist father cared about the treatment of his remains, says Sarah Murray
Sarah Murray  

China: at war with its history

The Chinese leadership refused to commemorate this year’s centenary of the overthrow of the last imperial dynasty. Obsessed with survival, will it allow challenges to its version of the past? Plus, a former Red Guard writes of new fears
Isabel Hilton  

From Christ to Coke

A new book on icons stretches the definition too far. Unlike the Coca-Cola bottle, true icons have power and stand at the border of forbidden things
Roger Scruton  

Enduring England

Academics have dismissed the field of national histories as parochial. But, argues Dominic Sandbrook, three new accounts of England show that myths of national identity remain strong
Dominic Sandbrook  

Mind over matter

It’s impossible not to be impressed by Jonathan Israel’s 3,000-page Enlightenment trilogy, but its central argument remains unconvincing
Samuel Moyn  

Into the vortex

In the summer of 1914 a new movement and its magazine changed the future of British art—and now the Tate is devoting its first major show to the Vorticists
Richard Cork  

Wandering bard

In his new book of poetry, Bernard O’Donoghue writes about exile and home by reimagining classic works of literature
John Burnside  


On a visit to Basel, I saw its residents swimming in the Rhine. I just had to try it myself
James Woodall  


It is a common and dangerous mistake to think that our minds are no more than electrical pulses in our brains
Raymond Tallis