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Unhappy endings

Lars von Trier’s behaviour at Cannes overshadowed his powerful new film, argues Matthew Sweet, who finds contemporary depictions of dystopia harsher than those of the last century
Matthew Sweet  


In writing Howl, Allen Ginsberg was following poetic tradition rather than establishing it. Yet no one has ever done anything quite like it
Sam Leith  

Widescreen: Archipelago

Writer-director Joanna Hogg’s second feature will try the patience of its audience. And it shows how British film-making has lost its way
Nick Cohen  


The controversial Danish film director Lars von Trier rarely gives interviews, but he allowed me into his remote bunker
Mark Cousins  


I went to see a franchise horror movie hoping for mind-emptying mayhem. What I got was a shoddy dig at US domestic politics
Mark Cousins  

Who calls the tune?

Too many opera directors display contempt for audiences and composers in their eccentric adaptations. We need more powerful intendants
Tom Rosenthal  

Every picture tells a story

The novel, the stage play and screenplay allow the writer sharply differing levels of artistic control over the work. David Lodge, who has had experience of all three, describes some of the pleasures and frustrations of adapting a play and…
David Lodge