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The whole picture

What are the Turner prize celebrities, such as Damien Hirst, up to? Are they legitimately challenging our ideas of what art is? Or, by calling their works "art," do they encourage us to see a continuity between themselves and the…
John Armstrong  


Suddenly the French are not so morose. They have the best football team in the world and they can think philosophically
Angela Lambert  

Moore figures

On the 100th anniversary of Henry Moore's birth, Anthony Barnett asks what the sculptor's reclining figures meant
Anthony Barnett  

What’s wrong with ballet?

Ballet used to be popular with both elite and mass audiences. The Royal Ballet was a centre of world ballet and its profits subsidised the Royal Opera. Now nobody cares
Nadine Meisner  

Fictional failure

British fiction is thriving, according to publishers. But having read countless novels as a Booker judge, Jason Cowley is disenchanted by the shallowness of Britain's literary vision. Is it a passing bad patch or a sign of long-term cultural decline?
Jason Cowley  

Looking back at Godot

Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, and not John Osborne's Look Back in Anger, was the greatest mid-century influence on British theatre
David Nathan  

A literary engagement

Does literature serve any higher purpose beyond entertainment? Mario Vargas Llosa argues that, unlike television or cinema, it has a special ability and responsibility to address itself to the problems of its time
Mario Vargas Llosa  

Venetian blind

Venice was once a city of velvet and marble-now it is tense with clingfilm, the most useless city in Italy. Duncan Fallowell has never been to Venice and thinks Oslo might be more inspiring
Duncan Fallowell  

High brow, low retention

The cultural establishment claims that demanding television programmes draw smaller but more committed audiences. New research suggests that this is wishful thinking. Harold Lind sees no escape from cultural elitism
Harold Lind  

Festival of Britain

There are two types of arts festival, says Edward Pearce-unsmart ones in pretty places and those visited by Dr Bragg and the leaders of the Republic of Letters
Edward Pearce