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In Mexican cinema, a single kiss, or an act of oral sex, can express a vast social gulf. The Mexicans are penetrating Hollywood with an aesthetic of class division
Mark Cousins  

Musical notes

Riccardo Chailly is sick and tired of young conductors and singers, but his move to the Leipzig Opera and Gewandhaus Orchestra is a welcome one
Stephen Everson  

Musical notes

An intriguing programme at the QEH highlights the transformative effect of Hungarian folk music on Bela Bartók—and vice versa
Stephen Everson  


Stephen Poliakoff became one of the great television dramatists by keeping faith with a certain idea of the past, even as it was made redundant by Thatcherism
David Herman  

France profonde

The English invasion of France continues, but where we once wanted holiday homes, now we seek work. It does not make us popular with the natives
Tim King  

Bard by the Beeb

Just two Shakespeare plays in five years on BBC television. That makes 100 hours of EastEnders for every hour of Shakespeare
John Morrison  

Who calls the tune?

Too many opera directors display contempt for audiences and composers in their eccentric adaptations. We need more powerful intendants
Tom Rosenthal  

Modern times

Every village used to have a church and a pub. Now it has an all-night BP garage and a massage parlour
Jeremy Clarke