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January/February 2021

What is the future of liberalism? Timothy Garton Ash outlines the threats to liberal democracy and how it can renew itself in a post-Trump age. Lionel Barber presents an authoritative institutional portrait of the Treasury and Cal Flyn makes the case for a different kind of climate writing.

December 2020

When Britain voted to leave the EU, the country seemed on course for a soft Brexit. So how, ask Jill Rutter and Anand Menon, did we come to the brink of a hard departure? Sam Tanenhaus looks at the final days of Trump, while Ngaire Woods examines Biden's in-tray. Plus: Philip Collins on who's to blame for Boris Johnson, and the latest on the search for a vaccine

November 2020

Is a new civil war brewing in the US regardless of the result of November's election? Can Tim Davie save the BBC from government attacks? Plus: How can museums acknowledge the sins of the past while keeping faith with trusted institutions?

October 2020

Twenty-five years on from Prospect's first issue, the world is a very different place. In 1995, the spread of democracy seemed inevitable but now it is under threat on many fronts. In this issue, Samira Shackle reports on Hungary's slide into autocracy under Victor Orbán. We also interview George Soros and Dahlia Lithwick reports on how Trump is trying to twist the voting system to his own advantage.

August/September 2020

Who are the top 50 world thinkers shaping the age of Covid-19? See the list and vote for who you think should take the top prize. Also, Miranda France argues that we should stay friends with people we disagree with, while Sarah Churchwell suggests that the felling of statues is not about destroying the past but challenging the myths of white supremacy.

July 2020

The US’s poor performance in tackling Covid-19 versus China’s apparent success in locking it down has led some to believe that the liberal model can never be as effective as an authoritarian one. But there’s plenty in liberal democracy still worth fighting for, argues Steve Bloomfield.

June 2020

What can we learn from seven centuries of disasters, can the WHO survive and should we have started testing earlier? Prospect provides answers to these questions and asks what the post-Covid world will look like. Plus: Barbara Speed goes in search of sleep

May 2020

From the fight for a vaccine to the economic shock of the virus, Prospect goes beyond the headlines to ask what Covid-19 means for the world. Plus: Cal Flyn on how you can learn to talk to your dog

April 2020

Inside the Scottish town built on the arms trade. Plus: What Keir Starmer really believes, a history of Virago, and Thomas Piketty's new theory of everything

March 2020

Why George Eliot is one of our greatest philosophers, Anne Case and Angus Deaton on what we get wrong about inequality—plus, can architects fight global warming?

Winter Special

A pint with Mr Wetherspoon, the wisdom of Clive James, inside the new arms race. Plus: Margaret Atwood on priceless presents, and the new ideas for 2020

December 2019

Inside the choice facing voters this General Election—and why the commission that regulates our democracy is struggling to keep up. Plus: Clive James on Wittgenstein, and the real story of Corbynism

November 2019

The Conservative Party has been captured by extremists and moderates are leaving. Gaby Hinsliff asks if those new homeless voters will swing the coming election. Amelia Gentleman says we could soon see “Windrush, the sequel.” Plus: philosopher Patricia Churchland on human consciousness

October 2019

Britain has spent three years refusing to face up to Brexit reality—in a new exclusive essay, Peter Foster goes behind the scenes of the fiasco. Plus: Wendell Steavenson on HS2 and Prospect's 2019 Top Thinkers revealed.

July 2019

Ed Miliband puts forward a radical green agenda, and argues that it's time to bring the Green New Deal home. Plus: Rory Stewart on English moderation, and Angela Saini uncovers the return of scientific racism

June 2019

Steve Bloomfield asks whether nationalism will take hold in Britain. Could a populist really reach No 10? Plus: Julia Blunck on the world’s next environmental catastrophe and Philip Ball on the greatest mystery in physics today

May 2019

As the Brexit crisis rumbles on, is it time to rewire British politics? Plus Ray Monk on why cows have feelings, Clive James on how poetry heals—and a new generation of writers take inspiration from Woolf

April 2019

How has the national broadcaster dealt with the biggest issue of our time? Plus: James Graham on John Bercow and Jennifer Williams on Manchester's housing boom (and homelessness crisis)

March 2019

Gaby Hinsliff asks how it is that every side managed to lose the Brexit war. Rachel Sylvester profiles Sajid Javid, while James Ball suggests a plan for taking on big tech. Plus: Jonathan Rée on the invigorating strangeness of Friedrich Nietzsche