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Build, build, build: how can we overcome the barriers to affordable and social housing

By Chris Tilbury  

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The aspirational and historic demand for home ownership has, in recent years, seen a significant reduction of social housing being built and eroded some of the existing supply. To address the shortage of social housing there is no ‘silver bullet. The solution will require a variety of incentives and initiatives in order to stimulate a rapid growth and the delivery of the numbers needed.

Councils are committed to ensuring new homes are built and communities have quality places to live through a locally-led planning system to ensure new developments are of a high standard, built in the right places, and include affordable homes.

With 9 in 10 planning applications approved by councils, and more than a million homes given planning permission but not yet built, is it the housing delivery system that is broken?

  • What ways can the national and local government achieve its targets with social housing?
  • What does the government need to do in order to set the tone and make social housing a priority?
  • How might Covid affect demands and delivery of social housing?
  • How should the private sector support the provision of social, affordable housing


  • Chair—Jay Elwes, Prospect
  • Bob Blackman MP – Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee
  • Councillor James Jamieson – Chair, Local Government Association
  • Mark Powell – Managing Director, Edaroth
  • Polly Neate – Chief Executive, Shelter
  • Rhys Moore – Executive Director of Public Impact, National Housing Federation
  • Helen Evans – Chair, G15 and Chief Executive, Network Homes

This event is kindly supported by Edaroth and in association with the LGA (Local Government Association).

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