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What happened to the Arab Spring?

A decade ago, a fruit-seller in Tunisia set himself alight, and before long dictators were falling like dominoes. Only in the place where it all began has a new democracy endured—but so have many of the problems it was meant…
Layli Foroudi  

The food bank paradox

As many Britons go hungry, burgeoning food banks are answering the need. But are they also giving the government an excuse for tolerating poverty?
Jem Bartholomew  

The revolution will be institutionalised

The great liberal promise is that power must always be held to account. Agreed political rules and formal institutions are the means to honour it. But they are under assault by a populist right—and a misguided left
Eliane Glaser  

The Treasury today: a devalued currency?

It has been the most powerful department on Whitehall for a century, coming back stronger from every crisis. But, argues the former editor of the Financial Times, in the age of populism and Covid-19, the writ of 1 Horse Guards…
Lionel Barber