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The Bush blip?

Behind many of the recent books about the Bush administration, there is a surprising consensus: the cold war background of many of its key members made it uninterested in stateless terrorism. But that same cold war background may mean that…
Anatol Lieven  

Speaking up

America's liberal Jews have the only voice powerful enough to fight self-defeating Israeli nationalism and US chauvinism. They must speak out
Anatol Lieven  

Afghan statecraft

To describe Afghanistan as medieval is an undeserved compliment to its dark-age tribal structures. The best we can hope for is an era of UN-supervised peace
Anatol Lieven  

Strategy for terror

The spectacular assault on the US has underlined the irrelevance of most American foreign policy priorities-especially NMD. It also draws attention to the need to understand Muslim extremism and to cultivate allies in the Muslim world to help combat it,…
Anatol Lieven