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First in Europe?

As Britain takes over the presidency of the EU, its prospects in Europe look rosier than for 25 years. But, argues Timothy Garton Ash, the prospects for Europe itself are less encouraging. While one part of the continent wrestles with…
Timothy Garton-Ash  

Bad memories

From Germany after Nazism to South Africa now, countries and individuals have had to cope with difficult pasts. Timothy Garton Ash considers the labyrinth of public and private memory and the tricks that it plays. He argues that the opening…
Timothy Garton-Ash  

Back into Europe

The post-Maastricht EU has its priorities wrong. Monetary union is more likely to divide than unite. Timothy Garton Ash bets on it not going ahead and proposes that Britain should launch a "second project" based around enlargement to the east…
Timothy Garton-Ash